Cambridge Assessment

Assessment of learning is extremely crucial in facilitating the learning of all pupils involved. We strongly believethat assessment is an ongoing process that supplements and complements learning at the same time. The assessment practices and procedures at SRN INTERNATIONAL (CAMBRIDGE BOARD) involve both major types of assessments i.e.

  • Formative and
  • Summative

Facilitators use a variety of assessment strategies, tools, and techniques to build a detailed understanding of each learner's development. Recording, Documenting, and Reporting assessment data is done meticulously, transparently, and with great attention to detail and to the individual needs of the students.

Assessment data supports teachers in designing learning experiences tailored according to the needs of their students. Specialists in the field of individual needs also track student progress and share their understanding with classroom teachers and parents.

Evidence of student learning documented through projects, tasks, and assignments as well as that of progress are shared with parents at regular intervals through coffee mornings, parent-teacher conferences, meetings, and open house days besides student-led conferences and exhibitions.

Formative Summative

Formative Summative are given to students of Class 1 and above. Such testing is done through a variety of individual or group activities/tasks in oral and written forms – as per the needs of the subject and topic concerned – and is designed not just on how much of the content of the topic concerned has been effectively assimilated by every individual student but also on how well students can apply the same to real-life situations.

Summative Assessment

At the end of every term there are two-hour or three-hour examinations (in sync with Cambridge Assessment conditions) to ensure that every child can recall and effectively use the acquired knowledge.


Progress Report

We desire to assess and report on how effectively and creatively each of our students develops his/ her talents, skills, aptitudes, and attitudes to see things in a new light as well as throw new light on things. The Annual Evaluation Report is an interpretation of each student’s cumulative performance during an academic session in the Formative assessment and Summative assessment.


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