Our commerce education equips the student with the skills required to become tomorrow's global managers, marketers, economists, accountants, and financers. Our pedagogic strategy inculcates the relationship between business and the community and gauges them as an explorer, an originator, and an entrepreneur because being an employee is not enough.

One Group XI – Commerce = English + Any

Group com-1 Accountancy B. St Economics Math/AI/Applied Mathematics
Group com-2 Accountancy B. St Economics EP/Vocal Music/AI/Applied Mathematics 
Group com-3 Accountancy B. St Economics IP/Vocal Music/ AI/Applied Mathematics
Group com-4 Accountancy B. St Economics PE/Vocal Music/AI/Applied Mathematics
Group com-5 Accountancy B. St Economics Legal Studies/AI/Applied Mathematics

Note: - Note: -Informatics Practice (IP), Physical Educational (PE) , Entrepreneurship(EP)& Business Studies (B.St.), Artificial Intelligence(AI).