SRN International School is having best green gym with latest facilities in it. SRN Gymn has the latest high-tech cardio and strength training equipment to help you meet all of your fitness goals

Gymming is a term derived from gym or gymnasium. It refers to the act of working out in gyms and exercising using gym equipment. Gymming involves physical training with and without weights, floor exercises, cardio exercises, etc.  The sessions of gymming are designed for students and Mentors who are keen to lose weight, want to get into shape or be physically active. Gymming has several advantages. It can give you a break from you daily monotonous routine, it is a good means of rejuvenating and it can also motivate you to overcome your physical limitations. Most importantly, it can make your life better in terms of improved health and fitness. It also improves mental focus and concentration. It brings a change in your eating habits as well because your gym trainer or instructor will be scheduling your diet. Although joining a gym can be a bit costly, but it is extremely helpful for people who cannot find time to exercise at home.