SRN Cutie Pie's

SRN Cutie Pie is one of the Best Play Schools and Pre-Primary wings in Jaipur, Rajasthan.. When students feel respected, supported, appreciated and valued, learning comes much more easily. Steps are taken to create a positive environment in the classrooms of Cutie Pies at SRN International School that helps each child to reach his/her full potential.

Students thrive in an environment where they feel safe, nurtured and respected. Such an environment is created that optimized student’s learning. Out of many, one such step is keeping the classrooms cosy and warm during the winter season which helped them in enjoying various activities conducted in the classroom. The blowers were placed in every classroom of the cutie pies to keep room warm and comfortable

We aim to get the best from every child at SRN International School by setting high standards; through dynamic teaching; by focusing on the child as an individual and by ensuring that in all areas of school life, there is a positive and encouraging atmosphere where achievement is a reality for all and where pupils learn to think for themselves and to acquire the skills as independent learner.

We expect good manners and common courtesy towards all people in all situations and promote appreciation of and respect for differences. Students are taught dining table etiquette, caring of grand- parents, planting trees and respect of elders through interesting activities full of fun and enjoyment.

Our objective is to produce pupils who are resourceful, motivated, imaginative and reflective so that they can blossom and flourish in the future.