Learn 4 life Academy

Aim of L4L Academy

Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort.”

The NEP 2020 focuses on the skill-based learning pattern. Skill-based learning involves planning, implementing and analysing skills gained through knowledge-based learning methods.

Through various skill-based activities, students are motivated to think logically, analyse concepts and apply their insights. The idea behind this innovative and most in-demand learning method is to develop learners into independent thinkers and prepare them for the challenges in the future.

Skill-based education guides the students where to look, doesn’t limit their world to what to see and so it is the true celebration of inquisitiveness of future seekers of the Millennium.

Why L4L Academy

Why are skills important?

Skilled activities will act as stress busters for kids; they will help them quit their mundane tuition and coaching classes. Such enriching activities are essential for their mental and socio-emotional growth.

1. Mental development: Various skilled-based activities help children to use their creative abilities in a perfect way to make something unique. They use their imagination while doing these activities. This requires continuous problem-solving. They learn to think and visualize so as to come up with newer ideas.

2. Socio-emotional development: Skilled based activities are important for kids because they provide opportunities for them to develop new skills, express their creativity, and build self-esteem. Such engaging activities will help children to reduce stress, improve mood, and promote their overall well-being.

Skills Offered

Age group-

  • Group 1-05-08 years
  • Group 1-08-12 years

Skills offered in the Program

  • Sciency Spiders- Science Hacks
  • Matheletes- Abacus/Vedic Maths
  • Pictoworld- Photography
  • Click Chef-Web Designing/Coding
  • Clayful Creations- Potter’s Wheel
  • The Dramatizers- Theatre
  • Music Buzz- Guitar/Keyboard/Drums
  • Groove and Move- Indian and Western Dance styles
  • Skating and Lawn Tennis
  • Persuasive Speakers- Public Speaking
  • Robusta- Artificial Intelligence and Robotics
  • Lawn Tennis
  • Skating
  • Hockey
  • Football
  • Archery


Learn 4 Life consists of a strong team of mentors who are passionate, knowledgeable, and dedicated educators who strive hard to achieve their best. They provide a safe, caring and compassionate environment to the kids where every learner hones various skills.