Freedom in the Mind,
Faith in the words …
Pride in our souls …
Let’s salute the nation on this auspicious day.
Every citizen of India is well aware that 15 August is the day when India got its independence from British rule to become a free country. Independence was celebrated with great enthusiasm, unity, patriotism and respect at S R N International School. 
Independence day was celebrated digitally at SRN International school to mark the 75th year of freedom from the British rule. On this patriotic occasion SRNians showcased a colourful spectacle of India’s vision through their performance.

To Commemorate the sovereignty of our nation, the Chief Guest Mr.Ravi Shakar ji, Chairman of the school & Principal Ms. Usha Sharma , unfurled the tricolor flag and all the staff members in unison sang the National Anthem and expressed the joy of our freedom. The faculty members gathered in school to celebrate this National festival with proper social distancing and requisite measures to express their respect to the great nation.

The students of the school presented a mélange of patriotic activities, which created an atmosphere of national pride, which was wired to all the students and parents of SRN. 
The virtual programme started with a musical rendition by the students (with the underline theme being saluting our motherland), followed by a musical ballet depicting different facets of our glorious freedom struggle. Girls presented mesmerising dance performance. The participants spell bound everyone with their performance and also energized them with patriotic fervor. Students delivered the speech in English and Hindi about the importance of Independence day.  
The Chairman of the school Mr Ravi Sharma, while addressing the students and staff in his Presidential Speech articulated that as the youth of the nation, it is the  prime responsibility to sacrifice ourselves in contributing to our mother India. On this very day, we should pay a heartfelt tribute to the millions of martyrs of mother India. The brave souls and the valiant soldiers, armed forces, and our police, as well as our security forces who have engaged their life in contributing and safeguarding our mother nation, should be rewarded for their rigorous reparations,  and advised the youth to work towards liberating India from the clutches of social evils like poverty, corruption and illiteracy.He urged that India should be made digitally strong and self sufficient.
The programme concluded with the Vote of thanks by the Principal. Indeed, it was a day of joy, a day to love and respect our country and make it a better place for Indians to live and experience the freedom, peace and unity in diversity.